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Recent Credits...


"The Tower" 3 x 1hr - Mammoth Screen for ITV

"The Feed" - Season One - Studio Lambert for Amazon Prime

"Clash of Futures" - LooksFilm for Arte and ORF

"Doing Money" - Renegade Pictures for BBC Television

"The Frankenstein Chronicles" - Season Two - ITV

"Will" - Ninth Floor Productions for TNT

"The Dresser" - Starz Version - Playground Entertainment for Starz

"The Frankenstein Chronicles" - Season One - ITV

"DaVinci's Demons" - Season 3 - Starz and BBC Worldwide

"DaVinci's Demons" - Season 2 - Starz and BBC Worldwide

"Quirke" - Silver Swan for BBC

"Parade's End" - BBC

"Super Brands" - BBC3

"Great West End Theatres" - Marc Sinden Productions for BBC Worldwide

"Tronji" - series 1 - Ragdoll for BBC TV

"M.I. High "- series 2- Kudos for BBC

"Mistresses" - Ecosse for BBC

"SuperStorm" - BBC and HBO

"M.I. High "- series 1- Kudos for BBC

"The Amazing Mrs. Pritchard" ep.6 - Kudos for BBC

"Hotel Babylon " -series 1 eps 1&2- Carnival Films for BBC

"Viking Boat Race "- Channel Four.

"The Last Waterloo Cup" - BBC2.

"After the War–Conquering Germany "- BBC2. (Royal Television Society - Best Documentary)

"Not Cricket: The Basil d'Oliveira Conspiracy "- BBC.

"Musicality" - Diverse forChannel Four.

"Stealing Lives " - Diverse forChannel Four.

"Who killed PC Blakelock?" - BBC1.

"Who’s got Diana Dors’ Millions?" - Granada TV.

"The Medicis - Godfathers of the Rennaisance "- Channel Four.

"Be a Grand Prix Driver "- Diverse forChannel Five.

"The Deal "- Granada for Channel Four.

"Operatunity – Live" - for Channel Four.

"How to Rob a Bank" Ep. 1&2 - Channel Four.

"The Real Michael Caine" - Channel Four.

Panorama: "A Licence to Murder "- BBC.

Panorama: "Dome Raiders "- BBC.

Panorama: "Lethal Force "- BBC.

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